May 18, 2005

Day 10 & 11 - Packing it in

By far, the quietest night of the campout. The Clone Wars cartoon gave us all hope and excitement for the upcoming movie. Team America, was Team America, what can you say? Most of us laughed our heads off. As 7 a.m. rolled around, I layed in bed thinking, this was my last night here. The packing went quick and efficient. R2-E2 (Elliott) and the Emperor and myself quickly dismantled the Cantina, and set up shop just outside the theatre. As we were dismantling, unplugging, packing, wrapping, and folding all of our trinkets, The Emperor had the Episode III music going and it really started sinking in, that this was it. The documentary girls were again asking us to express ourselves, and it was actually hard for me to. It finally sank in. Emperor Wandrey video taped the brown spots from our tents, and as we looked, and talked, it was a little overwhelming that this incredible 10 days had finally come to an end. All that is left is StarWars, and that's all we have now. No more camping, egging, water ballooning, talking, reminiscing, or anything. Just Star Wars. When we walk out of the theatre, that may be the last we see of each other for a long time. But there will still be Star Wars. That is our unifying thread that holds our group together, and what makes our friendship so special and timeless. Thank you all for the memories.

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