May 16, 2005

Luke, I am your Padre...

Much to our surprise, people are actually reading this blog in respectable numbers. In fact, just between the time I went to bed last night and when I got up this morning, we had over 500 visits. Clearly, many of you have got way too much time on your hands. Then again, we're the ones camping out in front of a movie theater, so I probably shouldn't pass judgment.

However, this all made me extremely curious about where all the blog traffic was actually coming from. I made a short checklist of possibilities...

The Los Angeles Times story from a few days ago?
Considering they only mentioned the blog name, without including the actual address, that probably wasn't it.

The KCAL-9 news story from two nights ago?
At first I thought this could be it, but then I remembered that people who watch KCAL typically can't read, so that's out.

The Orange County Register article from early last week? Definitely not.

Since none of the usual suspects appeared to be the culprit, I decided to check our Site Meter referral logs, and was amazed by what I found...

The top referrer today is... Primera Hora. Yes folks, the rumors are true. We made Primera Hora! Now, only one question remains...

What the hell is Primera Hora?

In any event, they wrote a great hit-piece on us. My favorite part...

Incluso en cines de barrio, como el Big Newport en el condado de Orange (California), ya hay gente haciendo cola para entrar, a pesar de los días que faltan y que ya tienen las entradas en su poder.

Claro que son miembros de la "Sociedad Star Wars" de este condado, aunque ellos prefieren describirse como gente normal.

"Tenemos esposas, amigos, trabajos, una vida", afirman con naturalidad desde un "blog" (, cuyo aspecto parece decir lo contrario, ya que su página de apertura está dominada por el casco de Darth Vader sobre el que se lee "seis amigos, dos semanas, una película".

Which, for those of you who no habla Espanol, clearly means...

Even in cinemas of district, like the Big Newport in the county of Orange (Californian), or there is people doing tail to enter, in spite of the days that lack and that or have the entrances in their power.

Clear that they are members of the "Society Star Wars" of this county, although they prefer to describe themselves like normal people.

"We have spouses, friends, works, life", affirm with naturalness from "blog" (, whose aspect seems to say opposite, since its page of opening is dominated by the helmet of Darth Vader on which it ***reflxes mng "six friends, two weeks, a film".

Now that we've got that all cleared up, allow me to state for the record, for the benefit of our new readers at Primera Hora, that we are NOT members of the Orange County Star Wars Society, nor is it "clear" that we are members. We do not dress up like Jedi, own expensive, custom-made lightsabers, or attend monthly meetings. However, we do concede that if we were members of said Society, we would probably try to describe ourselves "like normal people" too.

As for how our "aspect" seems to say the opposite of the fact that "we have spouses, friends, works, life", all I have to say is this is awesome. We've now just received our first lame insult, not from across the street, but from across the border.