May 06, 2005


Some of us may or may not have heard about that little Canadian boy who was has been whirling his lightsaber for the past few years. So, if you want to read about it or see him doing it, here you go:,1284,59757,00.html (STORY),1284,58881,00.html (VIDEO)

Cast Your Vote


George Lucas has been nominated for AOL's "The Greatest American." Here is our oppotunity to give back to the man who gave us the greatest story of our youth, friendships with actions figures, and a reason to fall in love with films and filmmaking. You could vote for Abraham Lincoln or John Edwards (WTF!!! He's about as worthy for this award as Hulk Hogan), or for one of the greatest visionaries of the twentieth century. Yeah Edison and Einstein were cool too, but come on: did either of them create a wookie?

If you don't vote for Lucas, you're a nerfherder. It's not like the damn thing means anything, anyways. It's AOL.