May 10, 2005

Day 2 - Better than your average Monday.

Besides the already exciting and annoying Sunday night / Monday morning sleeping adventure the day was pretty mundane. Most of us went off to work or school while Novi-wan held down the fort. There was the usual photographer presence throuhout the day and the curious gawkers but nothing to waste bandwidth on. The night always brings excitement and the anticipation of potential drive-by egging and balloonings. We are definitely prepared though, and even when there was a tan Pathfinder loaded with kids who thought they were being clever and original by throwing eggs we were on the spot to chase them down with eggs in hand to retaliate. The power did go out for most of the campout and it turns out that when you have fridges, TV's, heaters, and lights all plugged into one source the breakers don't take to kindly!! Our site was luckily tapped into a working power source and the Cantina remained open for business. The lull of the work week carries on and the anticipation for the weekend (and more importantly Ep.3) builds!!

Well, At Least We Got Something

I guess Scottwalker's deep thoughts on philosophy and hidden meanings in the Force and my uneloquent rantings about friendship and childhood, Noviwan's life-long obsession with Star Wars, Grand Moff Elliot and Darth Jewy's Force strong partnership, and Jarhead's marriage counseling session were not good enough to be included.

At least Emperor Wandrey's sex life is safely protected and not plastered across the news.

A big thank you to the Register for covering the campout. Too bad sex and high schoolers who are camping out for the first freaking time are the only thing that sells.

I tried to include a link to the story, but you need a login name and password, so here it is:
Login: SWCampers
Password: ylcantina

Then follow the link above and go to the local section.

Hey, at least they advertised our blog for us. Arrgghh! Honestly, wasn't it Jarhead who got this whole thing going? I guess we were too normal for the reading public of Orange County: guys who work, are married or dating attractive women, live well, and do not skip school.

Oh freakin' well.