May 07, 2005

The Eve....

As I sit here at my desk staring at my row of Revenge Of The Sith figures I think back to campouts of old....100's of people, new friends, dorks with trenchcoats and sabers, morons who heckle, a theatre jam-packed, and of course - "OK DEWEY!!"

I am left with questions. Of which all will be answered within a 10 day period. Before we go tomorrow and set up camp in front of a theatre I pose these queries...

1. Will this campout meet and exceed expectations?

2. Are you too old and busy to fully give in and get lost in the magic of this event?

3. Will the movie live up to your expectations? (To elaborate on that question - We are all SW fans and I think Lucas could put a lightsaber next to a piece of fecal matter and we would love it. The question pertains to whether or not the expectations you have for what needs to happen in this Episode.)

A. Is the connection between this Episode and A New Hope seamless?

B. Is Anakin's fall believable?

C. Do the ramblings in Attack of the Clones about Sifo Dyas and the background of the Clone order get resolved?

D. How badass is Palpatine?

E. How badass is Grievous? So far the Clone War 'toons have built him up to be one bad mother!!)

F. Will the relationship between Obi-wan and Anakin dissolve so badly that the duel at the end is understood?

G. Does the new HaydenVader look and feel like the ProwseVader from the old

H. Does this film make Ep. 1 & 2 better?

Last question...

4. What will you do to make this experience worthy of the Jedi archives?

The truck is packed, the tickets are in hand, and my wife knows it's GO time!!

R2D2 Is Coming!!!

I just received word from my neighbor with the custom R2 D2, that he will be joining us on Saturday night to show off the droid with heart. That would be a great time for anybody to bring kids down or anybody that wants to see a lifesize, fully functional R2 unit.