April 15, 2005

Ticket update

So... a little scare with the tiks but we are OK for now. I did some research and found this link page for "ticket on sale" and theatre chains' dates for ticket release. As you can see Regal is on or after the 20th. AMC is already selling though....

Here's the current state of play with regards to tickets for 'Revenge of the Sith' at US theaters.

* Rave Motion Picture Theaters - On sale from April 15th.

* Fandango - On sale from April 20th.

* AMC - (Darthfloyd writes): The AMC chain of theaters at least will be selling tickets to the midnight showing of Episode 3 starting today, April 14th. Apparently they got the go ahead from Fox last night around 5 pm, and multiple calls to their office confirmed this.

* Regal Cinemas - (James writes): In Charlotte, NC ticket preorders for Revenge of the Sith for Regal Cinemas start on April 20th according to an manager at the theatre.

* Warren Theaters - (Darth Sprocket writes): Revenge of the Sith tickets go on sale April 19th in Wichita, Kansas at the Warren Theaters.

* Kerasotes Theatres - (thanks to Chris): We will begin selling tickets online and at most of our theatres tonight, April 14th at 8:00 pm. As you are aware the film opens on Thursday, May 19. Many of our theatres will have 12:01 am shows opening day. Schedules will be available online.

* Amstar Cinemas - (Jay writes): I went to my local Amstar Cinema today in Oxford, Alabama and they had tickets on sale for the midnight showing of Episode III, as well as tickets through May 22nd. I then went to their official website, and tickets are on sale at all Amstar Cinemas now, April 14th, and will be for sale on-line on April 19th.

* Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas - (John writes): For people living in the Austin area, you can add the Alamo Drafthouse as of right now, April 14th.

* Seattle Cinerama - (Tom writes): (As of April 14th), now an ecstatic 7-ticket holder for 12:01am at the Seattle Cinerama.

* Cinemark - (Ron writes): I just bought my Ep 3 tickets at Cinemark's offical site for my theatre, on April 14th.

* Wehrenberg Theaters - (News-Leader writes): In Springfield, Campbell 16 Cin? will start selling tickets at 9:30 a.m. today (April 15th) online — www.wehrenberg.com. Box office sales at the theater, 4005 South Ave., begin about 11:30 a.m., manager Kendra Sparrow said.

* Showcase Cinemas - (Hamilton Journal News writes): Showcase Cinema — Cincinnati Mills: Tickets are to go on sale sometime Friday, April 15th.

* Muvico Theaters - (Steve writes): This chain is also selling tickets. We lined up yesterday (April 14th) and bought the tickets at midnight. Lots of free stuff and promotions.

* Strand and Family Cinemas - (Alhon writes): Strand and Family in Manitowoc, WI is selling tickets starting on April 30.

* Clearview Ziegfeld - (Quentin writes): Tickets are available starting now (April 15th) at the Ziegfeld in New York, and at the ticket counter at 1:00 p.m. sharp. To purchase tickets for the Midnight Screening, press "showtimes", then press on "Buy Tickets" for Sahara on today's date, then press "Change Date", to May 18. Nothing comes up on that page, so you have to click "CHANGE" in the upper right corner, and then the tickets come up: click on "Buy Tickets" for the 12:01 a.m. viewing.

Congrats Admiral Akwelches on your union!!