May 09, 2005

Dealing With the Dark Side

There are always moments when we allow our focus to stray, when the temptations of the Dark Side are strong, and the momentum to keep going can ware on even the greatest of Jedi's.

During the setup of our Cantina, one of our faithful, but poorly astute followers forgot a device of power that gives life to one of the Cantina's most essential features: the TV. I will simply call this soft-brained individual "Chewdumma". After much debate and berating, even a few lovely f-bomb droppings, the Emperor and I, men of position and foresight, drove deep into the North County System, retrieved the remote, stopped by Wendy's to power up, and headed back to the Cantina in lightspeed. But, when the Dark Side of the Force has been meddled with once, it can happen again.

Late in the evening, when the temperature dropped low enough to freeze a Tonton, the Emperor, Noviwan, and I were awakened several times by the scruffy looking gondarks. But, the time that sent us into a Hoth like panic was when the screams reached our tent: SPRINKLERS!!!!!! I instantly jumped up in my Admiral skivies, unzipped the tent, and ran out to find our Cantina safe and sound. Water was attacking many of the other campers, their equipment, and their spirits. But thank the maker, we were alright.

This goes to show, no matter how much bantha fodder is thrown, those who trust in the Force will never turn to dark side and will always be protected.

Day 1 - The campout begins!!

Well, we have successfully acquired the coveted corner spot on the lawn and set up our "Cantina".

The line up began Sun. around 12 pm and the Admiral, Novi-wan, and Darth Jewy pulled up some grass and soaked up the rays waiting for our 5 o'clock start time. The Register was on hand to interview and photo our progress. All 6 members of the council as well as others were on hand to erect the greatest Star Wars campout headquarters ever imagined!! 6-man tent, 13x9 canopy, TV, PS2, Fridge, Microwave, Floral print couch, and so much Star Wars decor that it should not be allowed!! We have definately gone all out. It was a long night as the Admiral, Novi-wan and myself tried to get some sleep around midnight but the excitement and roving geeks with conversations that ranged from Iranian women to the hatred for Lucas was enough to keep us up well into the early morn'. 9 days to go, the fun is being had and it is only going to get better!! Don't forget to check the photobucket!!

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